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D A Y  O N E

I am currently 5 hours, 3 movies and 2 bloody marys into my first solo trip en route to Osaka Japan. Flying over Guam and it feels good to be back writing on a plane again. The plane is rather empty, I have nobody behind me and a whole row to myself which really puts the solo in SO ALONE.

My bag is significantly heavier because I don’t have Tom to carry the laptop and unnecessarily large toilet bag like he did in South East Asia, also I’m flying into my first winter in over a year which means wapping my slides for my Docs and summer dresses for jackets and knits. All this makes the 15kgs on my back seem much heavier.

A quick catch up since 2017. We finished in Vietnam exactly 2 months ago and flew back to New Zealand for a refreshing kiwi summer so we could spend Christmas with our families and friends, I could get a bit arty and earn a bit of moola.

Now I’m off to Japan! Solo this time which is a big first for me. I’ll be spending a few months travelling Japan, hopefully, South Korea, Hong Kong and God knows where else to be honest.

The first hiccup or should we say ‘learning’ is that I didn’t realise there were 2 airports in Osaka. Kansai International Airport and the foolishly named Osaka ‘International’ Airport which I have just learned has been in fact only dealing with domestic flights since 1994… Osaka Airport also conveniently is very close to my first point of accommodation. So all the locations and bus timetables that I had memorised the night before are useless. I will instead be navigating the local trains for a solid 2-hour trip as it’s a good 70km from my accommodation.

But hey, at least I realised this 3 hours and 40 minutes before landing. That would not be a great start hitting the ground running in the wrong direction.

So if I manage to post this. I made it!

Just a quick catch up, I’ll be on here much more this time I guarantee.



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