travel, cook and create with love

About me

I’m Amelia Sidwell, Meals for short.

A 20 year old from New Zealand currently on the road in Asia. I have a passion for art, photography, nutrition and sustainable living.



I grew up in Auckland New Zealand and lived there by the beach until I was almost 18 then I moved to Wellington (our tiny Kiwi Capital) Where I worked at a private hospital for 2 years.

I met my partner/travel buddy Tom when I moved to Wellington. Fastforward 2 years and we are exploring the world together.



We are travelling slowly through most parts of South East Asia trying to spend a month minimum in each country before we head over to Nepal then onward to India and Sri Lanka early 2018. So far we have spent time in Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia and Malaysia.

Along the way I’m trying to do as much volunteering as possible as well as take some art and cooking classes. I want to connect with local artists, business owners, chefs and other travellers to get a more unfiltered perspective on how others are living in different parts of the world.



This for me is a space to share my adventures and learnings not only about the cultures I will embrace but my learnings about myself. (So sorry in advance if it ever gets a bit personal.)

My aim is to differentiate between being a tourist and being a traveler. To develop and pursue my love for art and to fill up a cookbook with all my new favorite foods around the world.

I hope you enjoy my recollection through my photos and stories.